The Watson Neuroscience Foundation

Research Fellow Ryan Screven Published In "Neurosurgery"

October 24, 2012

We at The Watson Neuroscience Foundation would like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Jason Wilson (Louisiana State University Health Science Center) and Watson Neuroscience Foundations' 2011 research fellow Ryan Screven (University of Tampa), on having their paper published in Volume 71 of "Neurosurgery". 

Ryan is Watson's second research fellow and looks like he will be following in the footsteps of our previous fellow, attending med school and becoming a Doctor.

We also extend congratulations to Dr. Jerome Volk, and Dr. Troy Payner who co-authored the technical case report.

The technical case report was published in the September 2012 volume of "Neurosurgery" and is titled:

"Use of a Yaşargil Mirror as an Adjunct to Indocyanine Green Angiography to Evaluate the Patency of Elusive Posterior Communicating Arteries During Aneurysm Clipping: Case Report"

The abstract is published below:

BACKGROUND AND IMPORTANCE: Indocyanine green angiography (ICGA) has become a useful intraoperative tool during aneurysm surgery to determine parent, branching, and perforator vessel patency. Although extremely useful, ICGA is limited to the evaluation of vessels that are in direct view in the surgical field.

CLINICAL PRESENTATION: We present 2 cases of patients who underwent a craniotomy for clipping of unruptured posterior communicating artery aneurysms. A Yaşargil movable mirror was used as an adjuvant to ICGA to visualize the ventromedial posterior communicating vessels after clip placement to determine vessel patency.

CONCLUSION: Although ICGA can be very useful during aneurysm surgery, it is limited to vessels directly visualized in the surgical field. A Yaşargil movable mirror can be used during ICGA to visualize elusive vessels, in these cases on the ventromedial surface of the internal carotid artery.

ABBREVIATIONS: DSA, digital subtraction angiography

ICGA, indocyanine green angiography

Pcomm, posterior communicating